Wednesday, August 17, 2011

India’s awakening to the light of candour

Everyone knows that India became free in 1947 but today people have also acknowledged the reason behind India's invasion,Corruption. Its none other but Corruption. Several invaders ruled us with the help of our own people.  Our own people served in their armed forces and fought against us. We did get freedom from invaders and had the opportunity of having our own independent governance. But we became slave of corruption forever.

No revolution will come until the injustice has touched our heart. Corruption is one issue which has caught up with every citizen in or outside the country. Right form slippers being stolen outside the temples to G-scams, everyone is fed up with it. Today people bribe government officers not because they are wrong, but because they’re right and do not want any kind of trouble from them. Corruption has not just got in to our very systems but it has now got in to our nerves.  Still we were in our own comfort zones waiting for someone to give us a jolt. Anna Hazare did this.

Last time (1st time) when Anna went on fasting I thought it was another guy to come on streets just to gain some political attention. He too will end up either joining a political party or forming one of his own. But I'm glad to know that i was wrong. This time when he went on fasting and actually before he began his fast, all that happened and all that followed, moved me from within. 

Especially when some political party leaders joined the march with their party flags, they were told that it was an issue of nation’s uprightness and only national flag can be used to represent this issue. i felt the jolt too. So I decided to give my possible contributions to the revolution. So that tomorrow  when I look back i feel pride in myself for supporting the cause. Because it is not a matter of some one person getting affected but it’s the question about us waking up and voicing against what is holding us back. 
 So that we too can go out of our homes with an assurance that we are safe and if something happens, anyone will come for the rescue without having the fear of being bothered by the system itself.

I hereby submit my support to Anna Hazare for his appeal- 'these 8 days for the nation' because I too am FED UP of the corrupt system.


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